The Magic of Science


An educational game for kids to learn about the Magic of Science. Match the shadow, guess the part, answer the question or pick an item to learn more about Science.

The Magic of Science promotes an interest in Science by presenting Scientific ideas to students in a fun and exciting way. Students can learn about real life applications of Science in things like microscopes, calculators, phones, thermometers, TVs, planes and more. Interacting with these ideas helps promote critical thinking and improves cognitive skills.

The Magic of Science is an ideal game for Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade students.

Discover the wonders of science with "The Magic of Science" game for kids. Match shadows, guess parts, and explore real-life science applications to spark curiosity and enhance critical thinking skills in students.

How to play:

Start the Game: Tap on the play button to start the game.

Mode Selection: Choose between “learn and “play”.

Entering Play Mode: Click on “play” and choose one option between robot, thermometer and microscope.

Task Assignment: After choosing an option you will be given interesting tasks related to the object you chose.

Returning to Home: After completing the tasks, you will be returned to home where you can select another option.

Learning Mode: In the start of the game, you can also click “learn”.

Learning about Objects: By clicking that option, you can tap on anything you want to know about and it will be written and read to you.


Maximizing Learning: Take your time to read and listen carefully to maximize learning opportunities.

Balanced Experience: Experiment with both "learn" and "play" modes to enjoy a balanced experience of fun and education.

Knowledge Sharing: Share interesting facts learned from the game with friends or family to reinforce knowledge.

Learn through magic!