Sweet Home


Learn about items in your home with this free kids game. Pick a room, then click/tap on each item to learn what each one is.

Teaching kids to click/tap on common items in a home, then hearing the name of the item is helpful for developing visual literacy and vocabulary development. Students can pick from the bathroom, bedroom, dressing room and reading room to learn more about the items commonly found in those rooms.

Sweet Home is an ideal game for Pre-K and Kindergarten students.

Explore your home with this fun kids game! Click or tap on objects in different rooms to learn their names. Its like taking a mini adventure through your house, discovering all the cool stuff!

How to play:

Start The Game: Tap on the play button on a board to start the game.

Select Area: Pick an area of the house to explore. You can pick any at a time. The options are bathroom, bedroom, dressing room and reading room.

Know About Stuff: Tap on each item to find out what it is.

Listen to The Name: Hearing the name of each item will help you in developing visual literacy and vocabulary development.

Switch The Area: after you are done with the first room you may go back and pick another room to learn about the other items.


Exploration: Take your time to explore each room thoroughly, tapping on every item to learn its name.

Repetition: Play the game multiple times to reinforce learning and familiarize yourself with common household items.

Extend Learning: Expand on what you learn in the game by exploring similar items around your home, reinforcing your knowledge.

Learn in a sweet home!