Shape Maker


Shape Maker is a fun learning game for kindergartners to explore colors, shapes, and design, improving shape recognition and visual literacy skills while enhancing hand-eye coordination and cognitive development.

Students who play color and shape making games are proven to improve shape recognition and visual literacy skills. Hand eye coordination, visual discrimination, cognitive development and early geometry skills are also improved as they make their shape and color pictures.

Shape Maker is an ideal game for Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade students.

How to play:

Start the Game: Tap on the play button to start the game.

Select a shape: Pick a shape of your choice from the left box and drag it to the center board.

Adjust the Size: choose the size of that shape from the box on the bottom left.

Add Color: Fill your shape with a color. You can choose any color from the box on the top.

Select an Emoji: You can choose any emoji from the box on the right side for your shape to give it a face.

Move or Erase: from the box present in the right bottom you can rotate and erase your shape.

Save a picture: After finishing, you can keep the picture of the shape you have created with fun. Just click on the camera on the bottom right.


One or More: You can choose multiple shapes to make it more interesting.

Play with Sizes: Adjust the size of your shapes to add variety and interest to your creations.

Explore Colors: Use a wide range of colors to make your shapes vibrant and eye-catching.

Be Creative: Let your imagination run wild and create whatever comes to mind. There are no limits in this game!

Have fun!