Opposite Words Matching


This game is an interactive tool for kids to learn about opposites through word matching. By pairing words with their opposites, children enhance their vocabulary and cognitive abilities. Through visual recognition and critical thinking, players develop a deeper understanding of antonyms, making learning engaging and effective.

Opposite Words Matching is an ideal game for Kindergarten and 1st Grade students.

How to play

Start the Game: Tap on the play button.

Start Matching: Connect each word to its opposite by matching them accurately.

Dots: Start from the dot next to ever word and connect it with the dot before the opposite word.

Levels: There are total 15 levels and it gets tricky after the level 7.

Score Deduction: Each incorrect dot connection results in a deduction from your score.

Score Check: In the end, the scoreboard will appear on the screen. You can also keep track of your score between the game. It will be visible on top of the screen.


Do Not Rush: Carefully match the words without making mistakes so that you won’t lose your scores.

Take Your Time: Before matching, first read the words thoroughly.

Monkey Image: look at monkey’s image for a better understanding. Some words are written in a small font.

Practice Regularly: Keep practicing regularly to get better at it.

Keep The Track: Tracking your scores will help you acknowledge your progress.

Happy matching!