Number Writing


This game is an educational game that teaches kids how to write numbers. Click/Touch on the dots and drag to draw numbers.

Students who practice writing numbers through our fun and educational game are actively supplementing lessons learned in the classroom. They are learning fine motor skills by dragging their mouse or finger along the dotted lines, while gaining number recognition by repeating hand motions. Practicing writing through an educational game makes if fun for kids and promotes interactive learning.

Number Writing is an ideal game for Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade students.

Jump into a fun underwater world of numbers, where kids explore and learn with our amusing and colorful number writing game.

How to play:

Tap and Play: Tap on the game and press the play button. The game will start immediately.

Writing Numbers: Start dragging the cursor and try to write the number.

The Red Dot: In the start, number “1” will appear. where you will see a red dot on it. Well, that’s where you start from.

Follow the Arrows: Drag the cursor by following the arrows.

Navigation: Move the cursor as per the direction of arrows. This will help you write the numbers correctly.

The last step: When you are on number “10”, wait for the direction of arrows to appear on 0 after you are done with 1.

Score time: Wait for the score board to appear in the end.

Retry If Needed: If you don’t get the highest score and all the three stars, Don’t worry! you can always start again.


Optimal Setup: Use a PC while playing this game and if you are using a laptop, it’s better to connect a mouse for a better grip

Take Your Time: There’s no rush! Take your time and drag the cursor carefully.

Keep it Neat: Avoid crossing the boundary of the number.

Reward Improvement: In the end you will be rewarded with stars along with the score according to your performance. You must try playing it again and again until you achieve all the three stars.

Learn with fun!