Math Battle


In Math Battle, kids choose characters to engage in math duels, earning rewards for solving problems correctly. This game adds excitement to learning math by awarding strikes against opponents for each correct answer, helping students improve skills like addition and subtraction while enjoying a rewarding gameplay experience.

Math Battle s is an ideal game for 1st grade and 2nd Grade students.

How to play

Start the Game: Tap on the play button to begin.

Choose Your Character: Choose a character that you like.

Answer Math Problems: Solve the math problems presented during the battle. You will earn strikes against your opponent for each correct answer. However, incorrect answers will result in your opponent striking you.

Win the Battle: Keep answering math problems accurately to win the battle against your opponent.


Practice Regularly: Engage in frequent practice sessions to sharpen your math skills and improve your speed in solving problems.

Stay Focused: Pay close attention to the math problems presented during the battle and avoid distractions to maximize your chances of winning.

Review Math Concepts: Brush up on addition and subtraction concepts to ensure accuracy when answering questions during the battle.

Take Your Time: Dont rush through the problems. Take a moment to ensure accuracy before submitting your answers.

Enjoy the Game: Remember to have fun while playing Math Battle! Enjoying the game will help you stay motivated and engaged in learning math.

Enjoy the fun battle!