Learn the Shapes


Learning shapes is important for any young learner. This free educational game helps with color, shapes and reading.

This helps kids with shape recognition, the development of basic visual recognition skills and improves general cognitive development.

Learn The Shapes is an ideal game for Pre-K and Kindergarten students.

Learning shapes is an exciting educational game designed for children to learn about shapes, colors, and reading. Through interactive gameplay, kids explore various shapes like stars, squares, triangles, and rectangles, fostering shape recognition and basic visual skills while helping mental development.

How to play:

Start The Game: Tap on the blue play button to start the game.

Tap and learn: You will see shapes there already. All you have to do is tap on “play” and the name of that shape will appear will be read to you.

Next Shape: There will be an arrow indicating to the right side. Tap on it to view the next shape.

Repetition: Repeat the process of tapping on play to read the name of next shape and listen to its pronunciation for a better learning.


Repetition for Pronunciation: For improved learning, continue tapping on the "play" button, and it will audibly pronounce each time you click on it.

Visualization: Encourage yourself to visualize real-life objects that match the shapes you encounter in the game.

Memorization Technique: To memorize it, it’s better to draw the shape and write the name in your notebook.

Interactive Learning: Engage in discussions about shapes outside of the game environment to extend learning beyond the screen.

Enjoy learning!