Kids Geometry


Kids Geometry is a free kids game that helps kids with shapes, geometry and colors. Learn or play a shapes guessing game.

Shape recognition is a basic skill that is important for kids to master. Learn more about different shapes such as a circle, heart, hexagon, rhombus, pentagon, oval, rectangle, triangle and more. This improves visual recognition skills and promotes general cognitive development.

Kids Geometry is an ideal game for Pre-K and Kindergarten students.

Kids Geometry is a fun game that teaches children about shapes, geometry, and colors. Through a shapes guessing game, kids can learn about different shapes like circles, hearts, triangles, and more. This helps improve their ability to recognize shapes visually and supports their overall mental growth.

How to play:

Game Loading: Wait for the game to load.

Start the Game: Tap on the play button to start the game.

Choosing Options: You will see two options, “learn” and “play”.

Entering Play Mode: Click on play and start guessing the correct shape. Choose one of the given three options that you think is correct.

Sequential Display: The next shape will appear immediately after you’ve guessed the previous one.

Keep Going: Continue guessing the shapes till the end.

Repetitive Learning: After guessing the last shape, the sequence will restart, allowing you to continue playing and boost your learning skills.

Learning Mode: In the start of the game, you may also click the option “learn”.

Learn About Shapes: In this option you will find multiple shapes. You can tap on any shape you want to know about and the information will be written and read to you.


Learn and Play: Tap on learn to first gain knowledge about the shapes before starting the game. It will help you mark the correct answers without any mistake.

Engage Regularly: playing this game regularly will help you learn about shapes, geometry, and colors.

Explore Shapes: Explore and identify different shapes in your environment outside of the game.

Have fun guessing the shapes!