Guess the Days


Guess The Days is an engaging and educational game designed to help kids learn about the days of the week while having fun. With interactive modes for both

learning and playing, children can explore interesting facts about each day while also improving their spelling and reading skills.

Guess The Days is an ideal game for Kindergarten and 1st Grade students.

How to play

Game loading: Wait for the game to load.

Start the Game: Tap on the play button.

Choosing Options: You will see two options, “learn” and “play”.

Entering Play Mode: Click on play and start the game.

Next move: Start playing by filling in the missing letter using the help of given options.

Complete the name: Spell out the correct name of the day and move on to next one.

Keep going: Keep playing to boost your knowledge and spelling skills.

Learning Mode: In the start of the game, you can also click the option “learn”.

Learn About Days: In this section, you will find names of the days. Tap on any day to learn more about it. Information about the selected day will be displayed and read aloud to you.


Explore and Learn: Use the "Learn" option to know the details of all days of the week, expanding your knowledge.

Repetitive Learning: After the last guess, the sequence will restart, allowing you to continue playing and boost your learning skills.

Take your time: Carefully read and listen to the pronunciation of the day for a better learning experience.

Have fun guessing!