Find the Color


In Find the Color, children match characters with different colors, improving color recognition and reading comprehension. They learn interesting facts about colors like black, white, green, violet, pink, blue, orange, and more, discovering the unique characteristics of each color.

Find The Color is an ideal game for Pre-K and Kindergarten students.

How to play

Start the Game: Tap on the play button to start the game.

Choosing Options: You will see two options, “learn” and “play”.

Entering Play Mode: Click on play and Begin the game by choosing the right colors.

Identify and tap: Carefully observe the character and tap on one of the three color options that you believe is correct.

Keep going: Keep playing until you learn about all the colors.

Learning Mode: In the start of the game, you can also click the option “learn”.

Learn About Colors: Tap on any color you want to know about and learn amazing facts that will be written and read to you.


Observe Carefully: Take your time to look closely at the character before selecting a color.

Elimination: If you are unsure, try to eliminate colors that you know are incorrect to narrow down your choices.

Practice: Regularly playing the game can improve your color recognition skills over time

Stay Patient: Dont rush; take your time to make thoughtful decisions and enjoy the learning process.

Happy learning!