English Letter Writing

This game is an educational game that teaches kids how to write letters.

English Letter Writing helps young students practice their writing skills by tracing letters with their mouse, finger or stylus. This game teaches fine motor skills along with letter recognition that are imperative for kids to learn.

English Letter Writing is an ideal game for Pre-K and Kindergarten students.

English Letter Writing game is like a helpful tutor that teaches kids how to write letters. By clicking or touching on dots and drawing lines to form letters, children can practice tracing letters using their mouse, finger, or stylus, just like they would with a pen or pencil. This game is fun and makes letter recognition easier for young learners.

How to play:

Start the Game: Tap on the play button to start the game.

Writing Letters: Start dragging the cursor and try to write the letter.

The Red Mark: In the start, letter “A” will appear. where you will see a red mark on it. Well, that’s where you start from.

Follow the Arrows: Drag the cursor by following the arrows.

Navigation: Move the cursor as per the direction of arrows. This will help you write the numbers correctly.

Score time: Wait for the score board to appear in the end.

Retry If Needed: If you don’t get the highest score and all the three stars, Don’t worry! you can always start again.


Optimal Setup: Use a PC while playing this game and if you are using a laptop, it’s better to connect a mouse for a better grip.

Take Your Time: There’s no rush! Take your time and drag the cursor carefully.

Keep it Neat: Avoid crossing the boundary of the number.

Read the word: As you write each letter, you will see an image and its name that begins with the letter you are writing. Pay attention. It will help you learn more!

Reward Improvement: In the end you will be rewarded with stars along with the score according to your performance. You must try playing it again and again until you achieve all the three stars.

Happy letter writing!