Brain Games


Play 10 different learning games in one: memory, attention, math, logic, coordination, and word puzzles. Each game is designed to improve a different cognitive skill.

Students who practice matching shadows, finding similar pictures and counting images are actively developing important cognitive skills. Working through each puzzle promotes concentration and perseverance while also providing rewards for positive answers.

Brain Games is an ideal game for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd Grade students.

Get ready for Brain Games, a collection of 10 fun activities packed together. With memory challenges, attention exercises, math puzzles, and more, kids can boost their skills while having a blast. Each game helps them develop important abilities like concentration and problem-solving. Perfect for young learners!

How to play:

Game loading: Wait for the game to load.

Starting the Game: Tap on the play button.

Activities: Start playing by finding the correct shadows.

Identical Images: Move on to the next step where you will have to find the same pictures.

Challenges Ahead: In each activity, you will solve puzzles and enjoy engaging exercises that will lead you towards the end.


Maximize Screen: Maximize the screen for a better understanding.

Patience is Key: This is a fun learning activity, not a competition, so take your time and dont rush.

Track Your Progress: Try playing this game multiple times and use a stopwatch to track how quickly you can reach the end.

Happy learning!