Baby Supermarket Game


This is a fun and educational game for kindergartners. In this learning game, kids can learn about different types of food and groceries while helping a baby to shop in a supermarket.

Students can develop focus and concentration by picking items, then hearing the names of those items. The process of moving items into a shopping cart helps with eye hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Baby Supermarket is an ideal game for Pre-K and Kindergarten students.

Baby Supermarket is an entertaining and educational game perfect for kindergartners. Dive into the world of food and groceries as kids assist a baby in supermarket shopping. With each item selection and its name heard, students enhance focus and concentration.

How to play:

Game Loading: Wait for the game to load.

Starting the Game: Tap on the play button.

Choosing Options: You will see two options, “learn” and “play”.

Entering Play Mode: Click on play and read the first item on the thought cloud of the girl.

Collecting Items: Pick that item and drag it to her trolley.

Success Indicator: A pop up of a happy baby will appear after you have successfully given her the item she wanted.

Learning Mode: By clicking on the option “learn” in the start, you can tap on any fruit, vegetable or treats and a description of that item will be written and read to you.

Learning Benefits: This will help you improve your reading and listening abilities as well as increase your knowledge.


Item Selection: Only pick desired item to place in the trolley. selecting other items wastes time and wont be picked up.

Reading and Listening: Read and listen carefully for a better learning.

Balancing Fun and Learning: Enjoy playing, but dont forget to click on "Learn" now and then to boost your knowledge.

Happy grocery shopping!